Gracie Morton 80cm x 205cm
Gracie Morton 80cm x 205cm
Artist - Gracie Morton
Title - Bush Plum
Size - 80cm x 205cm
Code - 5727

Price: $3800

Now: $1790

About The Artist

Gracie Pwerle Morton
Born: c.1956
Region: Utopia, (Eastern Desert)
Language Group: Alyawarre

Gracie Pwerle  Morton began her career as an batik artist in the 1970’s. In the works of Gracie  one can readily see that the great strength and dynamism of the Utopian women artists that continues across the generations. Gracie’s delicate dotting and colour variation uses an aerial perspective to portray the seasonal changes of her country through Amwekety – the Bush Plum, a plant of great significance to the women of Gracie’s traditional country, Mosquito Bore.

The delightfully subtle paintings of the Amwekety – the Bush Plum, depict the changing seasonal influences on a plant that is of the greatest significance to the Alyawrre women of the Eastern Desert region of the Northern Territory. The flourish of colour that distinguishes the Bush Plum after the fall of rain, is quickly transformed with the long hot summer months..

The incredible finesse of Gracie’s style creates a wonderful lyricism in her works, causing a three-dimensional that pulls at the eye guiding the viewer through the soft, outward-reaching fields of colour.


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