Glory Ngarla 57cm x 94cm
Glory Ngarla 57cm x 94cm
Artist - Glory Ngarla
Title - Bush Berry Dreaming (1999)
Size - 57cm x 94cm
Code - 3400

Price: $1690

Now: $1450

About The Artist

Glory was born at Boundary Bore within the Utopia area in 1948. She had six children with her late husband and both Glory and her husband were related to prominent artists – her late husband being first cousin to the late “Emily Kngwarreye” and Glory being the younger sister to the late “Motor Car Jim” Like many of the women artists from Utopia she also began her artistic career working in the Batik method.

 Bush Berry, Bush Plum, Yam Dreaming and Body Painting are the major dreaming which Glory paints. Through the use square and rectangular expanse of the canvas, Glory mainly utilized bright and vivid colours to highlight the richness of the fruit. The method has drawn both attention and overwhelming interest in her artworks. Sadly Glory passed away in 2002

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