Gloria Petyarre 150cm x 180cm
Gloria Petyarre 150cm x 180cm
Artist - Gloria Petyarre
Title - Buch Medicine Leaves
Size - 150cm x 180cm
Code - 3644

Price: $6900

Now: $6500

About The Artist

Gloria   Petyarre 

Born : C. 1945

People/Language :  Anmatyerre

Area : Atnangkere Soakage, Northern Territory

A founding member of the Utopia Women’s Batik Group in the 1970s’ Gloria is regarded as an innovative and dynamic artist; she exerted a great influence on others in the group. Gloria painted the traditional women business subjects, which are predominant in Utopia. Her art has developed to the point that the majority of her works now have no dots at all.

In the past Gloria’s main dreaming represents Mountain Devil Lizard, Bean, Emu, Pencil Yam Grass as well as traditional body paint designs worn by women during ceremonies. For some time  now the major focus has been towards painting the “Bush Medicine Leaves”.

These paintings depict particular leaves from plant species, which contain medicinal properties. The Aboriginal women from Utopia in Central Australia gather the leaves. The leaves are boiled; resin is added and mixed into a paste, which is used as bush medicine for many ailments.

Using the close tonal values of different colours, creating a dynamic optical intensity continues to develop her paintings to elevated levels of abstraction, continually experimenting with both with line and colour resulting in the optical effects being quite stunning.

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