Gary Wilson Reid 1180mm x 1200mm
Water Dreaming 1180mm x 1200mm
Artist - Gary Wilson Reid
Title - Water dreaming
Size - 1180mm x 1200mm
Code - 4519

Price: $2900

Now: $2200

About The Artist

Region; Alice Springs 

Language Group; Pitjantjantjarra

Born: c.1966

Born Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Gary came to Anagtja near Amata in the Pitjantjantjarra Lands South Australia to learn more about Aboriginal Culture after discovering his natural Mother was of Aboriginal decent.

Gary lived at Anagtja for five years over this time he continued with his Art, which is now influenced by many stories told to him by the Elders of the Pitjantjantjarra lands. He also paints desert landscapes.

Selected Exhibitions;

1998 99 2000, Salvation Army Melbourne

2001 Quinos Award


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