Fiona Young 400mm x 700mm
My Country 400mm x 700mm
Artist - Fiona Young
Title - My Country
Size - 400mm x 700mm
Code - 3954
Price : $ 590

About The Artist

Elsa (Fiona) Young is an Ngaanyatjarra woman who possesses considerable knowledge of her culture along with a great affection for her country and extended family. Born near the Pungkupirri waterhole a short distance from Tjukurla in Western Australia,Fiona lived on Docker River and Warakurna before settling at Tjukurla with husband Adrian Young (deceased) and their children along with their extended family.


 Within this extended Fiona has been fortunate to have been guided by current prominent and highly recognized artist “Tjiwina Porter” and this influence is evident in Fiona’s paintings.


Her paintings mainly reflect dreamtime stories of campsite ceremonies conducted in and around her birthplace. The spectre of different colours combined with complex exploration of line and space depict and highlight the various rock holes and sand hills that form this terrain.

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