Evelyn Pultara 920mm x 1500mm
Bush Yam  920mm x 1500mm
Artist - Evelyn Pultara
Title - Bush Yam
Size - 920mm x 1500mm
Code - 578

Price: $4150

About The Artist

Evelyn Pultara was born circa 1940 on the Woodgreen cattle station adjoining the infamous Utopia station and began her painting career in 1990’s.

This artist was born into an artistically gifted family which includes her late aunt, the great Emily Kngwarreye and brother Greeny Purvis.

Whilst having these great influences, Evelyn has developed her own unique style using acrylic paints to produce bold and rich colours on canvas conveying vibrant linear and swirling patterns to depict her totem. What transgresses from her creative mind onto canvas is her own interpretation of the Bush Yam.

As a result, her work continuously bears a distinction of originality and style.

In 2005, Evelyn was the winner of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.

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