Emily Pwerle 120cm x 182cm
Emily Pwerle 120cm x 182cm
Artist - Emily Pwerle
Title - Awelye (Body Paint)
Size - 120cm x 182cm
Code - 3381

About The Artist

Emily currently lives at the small community of Irrultja which is situated within Utopia and home to approximately 100 people. Born in circa 1922 (no record exists) Emily does not have extensive contact with western culture. It was her late sister “Minnie Pwerle” who encouraged all three of her younger siblings, Emily, Galya and Molly to paint.


In 2004 prominent and respected artist Barbara Weir (Minnie Pwerle’s daughter) organised a workshop for the sisters with a remarkable painting result. Similar to Minnie’s works which provided enormous freedom and expression, the sisters’ application of paint on canvas also highlighted and expressed their various dreaming which have been handed down through the generations.


Emily paints “Awelye” (Women Business/ Body Painting) which is depicted by a sequence of lines and motifs supported by intertwined design that are blanketed  across the canvas by colours which are dramatic in both  composition and vibrancy. The patterns typify the drawings painted on women upper bodies to represent a particular ceremony. Emily has mastered her own unique individual style which is regarded as creative, coeval and passionate.

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