Edith Jackson Nampitjinpa 610 x 880mm
Women Travelling & Tingari Ceremonies 610mm x 880mm
Artist - Edith Jackson Nampitjinpa
Title - Women Travelling & Tingari Ceremonies
Size - 610mm x 880mm
Code - 4653

Price: $1500

About The Artist

Skin Name: Nampitjinpa

Language: Pintupi

 Region: Kintore, Western Desert

 Dreaming: Women & Tingari Stories

Edith Jackson Nampitjinpa is a Pintupi artist who lives in Kiwirrkura, Western Australia.

She paints women’s ceremony and Tingari for her country using intensely dotted surfaces in ochre-inspired palettes, often with the concentric square form as a dominant motif.

Edith’s paintings depict- Ngurrapulangu, a clay-pan site, west of the Kintore Community, where in mythological times a group of Tingari men camped as they travelled west, eventually passing through Umari and Wala Wala. Since events associated with the Tingari Cycle are of a secret nature

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