Dulcie Long Pwerle 940mm x 1220mm
Bush Yam  940mm x 1220mm
Artist - Dulcie Long Pwerle
Title - Bush Yam
Size - 940mm x 1220mm
Code - 1113
Price : $ 830

About The Artist

Region: – Utopia, Northern Territory

Language– Anmatyerre 

Dulcie Long Pwerle is an Anmatyerre woman from the Utopia region of Central Australia. She was born 1979 at Boundary Bore Outstation and is the daughter of well known Utopia  famous artist Jeannie Petyarre.

In addition to being the daughter of Jeannie other highly recognised and talented artist within Dulcie’s family include Greeny, Gloria, Kathleen Petyarre Emily Kame Kngwarreye and the famous Pwerele sisters Minnie, Emily, Galya and Molly                             

Dulcie’s paintings depict her totem ‘Bush Yam’ for which she is one of the custodians within her culture. Bush yam vegetables grow beneath the earth. The leaf-like patterns shown in her paintings depict the yam flower above the ground and pays homage to the Country of the Yam.


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