Dorothy Napangardi 930 X 1380
Dorothy Napangardi  930X1380
Artist - Dorothy Napangardi
Title - Landscape & Sand Hills
Size - 930 X 1380 mm
Code - 110

Price: $13500

About The Artist

Region: Yuendumu, Alice Springs – Northern Territory

Language Group: Warlpiri

Born in the Mina Mina area of Tanami Desert C early 1950’s.

Dorothy commenced painting in approximately 1987 with the main emphasis of her work focusing on the area of her early childhood “Mina Mina” a site near Yeendumu in Central Australia.

The prime focus of her art is to capture the viewer with movement. Since the late nineties Dorothy’s  individual style has revolved around dotted representation of the landscape of her birth place, often highlighting the intricate formations of its salt pans & sandhills.

The paintings also depict the movement of the Mina Mina women ancestors as they journeyed across Lake Mackay, a significant site near Yuendumu in Central Australia. Throughout their travels the Warlpiri women used digging sticks during their ceremonies, as well as gathering bush tucker .

As a result of a tragic car accident Dorothy passed away in June 2013

Awards & Collections– Dorothy is a 2001 Telstra award winner & is represented in major private and public collections worldwide.

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