Debra McDonald Nangala 102cm x 127cm
Debra McDonald Nangala 102cm x 127cm
Artist - Debra McDonald Nangala
Title - Goanna Love Story
Size - 102cm x 127cm
Code - 5500

Price: $2990

About The Artist

Born 11th November 1969 at Papunya.

Debra is the granddaughter of the late Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi a Pintupi man from Lake MacDonald in the Gibson Desert.  Both Debra and Shorty’s stories refer to his country associated with the area of both Lake MacDonald and the Gibson Desert.


Married to the nephew of Turkey Tolson who is also the son of the highly renowned and respected artist Mitjili Naparulla, Debra currently lives and mainly paints out of Adelaide however she does spend short stints painting in Melbourne also.


The Dreaming depicted in her paintings revolve around the site known as Lungkarta (home of the blue tongue lizard) along with women ceremony and women business, demonstrated by a palette of strong earthy tones. Her paintings are keenly sort after as they are viewed as being a next generation artist carrying on the work of her ancestors.


In addition her work has also been documented in Geoffrey Bardon’s book “Papunya a Place Made after the Story – The Beginning of the Western Desert Painting Movement.”

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