Danny Possum Tjampitjinpa 90cm x 203cm
Danny Possum Tjampitjinpa 90cm x 203cm
Artist - Danny Possum Tjampitjinpa
Title - Possum Dreaming
Size - 90cm x 203cm
Code - 5310

About The Artist

Danny Possum Jampitjinpa

Dreaming: ’Narripi Worm Dreaming’

Danny is the grandson of one of Australia’s most celebrated aboriginal artists, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri OA, who died in 2002. His mother is also the very talented Michelle Possum who has exhibited extensively.

Danny began painting at an early age with the guidance of his mother, uncle Lionel and his prominent aunt Gabriella. Growing up around such significant figures, Danny soon began to absorb the incredible qualities of this famous artist dynasty. Danny’s paintings predominantly depict a series of dreaming stories passed down to him from his grandfather Clifford.

These include ’Narripi Worm Dreaming’, which tells of a love story of a male worm singing love songs to attract a female worm. As the worm travels underground in the soft ground he leaves patterns, which attract a crow. The markings in this painting depict the wanderings of the worm in his search for a mate. Another Dreaming Danny paints is Goanna  Dreaming.

His works have incredible detail and passion as he brings to life his dreaming through masterfully utilizing the ‘dot’ technique.

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