Cindy Morton Pwerle 1140 x 2060 mm
Bush Plum Dreaming 1140 x 2060 mm
Artist - Cindy Morton Pwerle
Title - Bush Plum Dreaming
Size - 1140 x 2060 mm
Code - 3856

Price: $4900

Now: $2250

About The Artist

Cindy Pwerle Morton was born at Utopia in 1976 – Utopia is located approximately three and half hours slightly North East of Alice Springs. In the   early years of taking up painting, she followed the more tradition techniques and design in describing the “Bush Plum or Mountain Lizard Dreaming.



 Coming from a family of both prominent and established artists which includes her mother “Gracie Morton Pwerle” along with her internationally renowned aunties Kathleen and Gloria Petyarre ,it is only natural with such an impressive artistic pedigree that Cindy’s works are fast becoming well accepted and  extremely popular.


 Working besides these renowned artists in the in the early years has helped Cindy develop into an extremely popular and sought after painter to the point where she still paints her ancestral stories, however nowadays Cindy has developed her own individual  style in  expressing these stories.


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