Charlie Tjapangati 700mm x 950mm
Tingari Cycle 700mm x 950mm
Artist - Charlie Tjapangati
Title - Tingari Cycle
Size - 700mm x 950mm
Code - 4500

Price: $1500

About The Artist

Born: – 1949, Palinpalintjanya , North West  of Jupiter Wells.

People :- Pintupi

Language: Pintupi

Area : Near Kiwirrkura

Charlie and his family moved to Papunya in 1964 and commenced painting for Papunya Tula  in 1977.

In 1982 Charlie moved to the Pintupi  settlement of Kintore, The main topics of  his art  is commonly known as his “Dreaming Story”  is  “Tingari Cycle”  depicting “Tingari” -which  refers to the ancestors of the Pintupi people who were responsible for the creation of the country.


Travelling across large stretches of the desert on foot the Tingari people created natural features invented laws, stories and songs for the benefit of human survival.


The depiction of Tingari Cycles contains vast amount of information forbidden to the general public but integral to the Pintupi education system and the continuity of physical, cultural and spiritual life in the Western Desert.

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