Caroline Numina Pananka 600mm x 940mm
Bush Medicine Leaves 600mm x 940mm
Artist - Caroline Numina Pananka
Title - Bush Medicine Leaves
Size - 600mm x 940mm
Code - 3372

Price: $900

About The Artist

Born in 1976, Language Group – Anmatyerre ,
Region – Utopia, Central Australia

CAROLINE NUMINA is a very talented artist she comes from a family of 9 children many of whom are painting today, mainly in Darwin. Caroline was born in Utopia but lived on Cattle station near the town of Tennant Creek. She attended a primarily schools at Stirling Station and later  attended a high school in Darwin named Kormilda College. Today she has six children of her own whom  all live in Darwin.
Caroline had excellent mentors in that both of her aunties are world renowned artist, they are Gloria and Katherine Petyerre. She began painting professionally in 2000. Caroline paints several dreaming but the most popular is her bush medicine leaves. Caroline,s paintings  are displayed in many galleries around Australia and have also been popular with  collectors internationally

Caroline is most famous for her ‘Bush Medicine Leaves’ dreaming. These leaves come from Kurrajong plant and traditionally they are boiled in large containers or buckets. After boiling these leaves are pressed and place on people’s body to affected areas. The Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves are used for many complaints like the flu, backaches, upset stomachs, headaches and even burns. The medicine leaves have many medicinal applications hence they are widely painted by many indigenous people.

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