Betty Mbitjana 94cm x 122cm
Betty Mbitjana 94cm x 122cm
Artist - Betty Mbitjana
Title - Awelye (Body Paint)
Size - 94cm x 122cm
Code - 2522

Price: $2200

About The Artist

Born: 1954

Region: Utopia, Northern Territory

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Born in the Utopia region, Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of one of Australia’s famous and prominent  artist, Minnie Pwerle (Deceased)  and sister of Barbara Weir whom is also a highly respected and renowned artist. Betty is married to Paddy Club.

Her main Dreaming includes Awelye” (Body Painting)& Bush Melon.

Betty’s paintings depict the designs that the women  paint on their upper half of their bodies and the dancing tracks which are made in the sand during women’s (awelye) ceremony. These designs are a focal point  in Betty’s work and in the works of other family members. Ochre, charcoal and ash are all used to paint designs on the women’s upper bodies- their chest, breasts and upper arms for awelye. The designs they use have been passed down for many generations.

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