Annie Hunter Pitjara 920mm x 1220mm
Bush Tucker Dreaming  920mm x 1220mm
Artist - Annie Hunter Pitjara
Title - Bush Tucker Dreaming
Size - 920mm x 1220mm
Code - 3067

Price: $2350

About The Artist

 Annie currently lives with her family at Irrultja- Utopia; however her birth place in 1964 was at McDonald Downs to parents Johnny Ngwarrai and Molly Bula Hunter.

Her three siblings Susan, Jessie and Sandy are also individually skilled artists. Similar to her siblings Annie’s paintings depict “Awelye” (Body Painting) where women paint the top half of their torso with different designs based on the type of ceremony to be conducted – this symbolizes the deep spiritual aspect of women ceremonies.

 Annie‘s paintings are gaining a reputation for her splendid style and definition of Women Business. Other dreaming which feature in Annie’s paintings include Bush Tucker and Bush Plum.

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