Anna Price Petyarre 85cm x 97cm
My Country 85cm x 97cm
Artist - Anna Price Petyarre
Title - My Country
Size - 85cm x 97cm
Code - 4153

Price: $2450

Now: $2200

About The Artist

Anna Price Petyarre is also known as “Anna Pitjara” was born in the mid ninety sixties (approx 1965) at Utopia Northern Territory. She is the daughter of renowned artist the late “Glory Ngale” and is also related “Emily Kngwarreye” and Kudditji Kngwarreye through her grandfather. 

Anna primarily paints Yam Seed –Yam Flower. The Yam Seed has been a long term staple food source of Anna’s people as the seeds fall from the plant they are collected and grounded to make flour for damper. Other  dreaming which  also feature on Anna’s palette  are “Bush Plum Dreaming” and “My Country”.

Over the last ten years Anna has changed her painting style considerably which highlights her versatility and as a result her developing reputation now sees her as a highly collectible artist as seen by the fact that Anna’s work has and still is exhibited extensively throughout Australia.

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