Andrew Breadon 440mm x 940mm
Barrow Creek 440mm x 940mm
Artist - Andrew Breadon
Title - Barrow Creek
Size - 440mm x 940mm
Code - 3960

About The Artist

Andrew was born in 1981 and belongs to the Luritja language group  The Luritja dialect is the dialect of  the Luritja people and is an Indigenous Australian Western Desert Language.

 His painting usually reflect  his country or more commonly referred to as Keytetje  where  he depicts from his father side around (Watarraka) – King’s Canyon and and from his mother’s side, the area of Barrow Creek.

Andrew grew up in and around Central Australia and learnt to paint at an early age.

  A major influence in his artistic development was his uncle Reggie  Sultan who since 1985 he’s been a  professional artist experimenting with adopting traditional dot painting style to tell his stories about life in his mother’s country in Central Australia around Barrow Creek and Neutral Junction Station. Reggie’s influence and style is quite visible in Andrew’s paintings.

 In addition to his uncle’s influence, Andrew has also been guided by numerous other local artists in the  surrounding districts


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