Alice Granites Napanangka 480mm x 930mm
My Country 480mm x 930mm
Artist - Alice Granites Napanangka
Title - My Country
Size - 480mm x 930mm
Code - 3569

About The Artist

Alice was born in the bush on a cattle station at Mount Allan in 1958. Her place of birth is now known as Yuelamu, which is an aboriginal owned and managed station. Yuelamu is approximately 250km North West of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and only a short distance to the main community of Yuendumu.


 Born into  the Warlpiri tribe Alice on lived at Yuelamu for  only a short period and then moved to her  current  location of Yuendumu, she lives there  with her husband Francis Kelly Jupurrula  – also a talented artist in his own right.


  Associated with that local art center “Warlukurlangu Artists” since the late 1990s, Alice is highly regarded within the community –  However nowadays she also paints for private galleries.


The main focus of her paintings / dreaming mainly relate to her culture and country, such as Bush Vine as they identify to women tribal ceremonies,  Alice also paints the general landscape around Yuendumu.  

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