Ada Bird Petyarre 122cm x 149cm
Ada Bird Petyarre 122cm x 149cm
Artist - Ada Bird Petyarre
Title - Mountain Devil Lizard
Size - 122cm x 149cm
Code - 4517

Price: $6000

Now: $3000

About The Artist

Ada Bird Petyarre was in C.1930 on the old Utopia station at Atangkere . Sadly she passed away in early 2008, after having spent her later years in care at Alice Springs. She was an Anmatyerre spokesperson and central figure as an elder of one the major movement which transpired from desert painting.

Ada‘s technique was distinctive, reflecting her lifestyle and her character. She gave us a long lasting legacy of achievements in multiple designs, numerous portraying strong vibrant colours and others so elegant and intricate.

Her paintings and dreaming reflected both animals and landscape of her country “Atnangkere” such as Arnkerrthe (Mountain Devil Lizard),Engcarma (Bean),Unyara (Emu),Annlara (Pencil Yam), Awelye (Body Paint) and Elaitchurunga (Small Brown Grass), that she shares with numerous other female artists from the Utopia region including Gloria Petyarre and Emily Kngwarreye.  Ada is recognized as being one of the leading artists to have emerged from Utopia

 In 1989 the National Gallery in Canberra acquired a beautiful canvas, and today many of Ada’s paintings can now also be found in major public and private collections both in Australia and internationally.

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