Purchasing Aboriginal Art

Over the past 11 years, we at Mandel have established a reputation of being an authority in the field of Australian Aboriginal Art in Melbourne. If you are looking to buy Aboriginal Art you have chosen a gallery with immense experience and knowledge. We are extremely proud and supportive of all our indigenous artists especially the artists from Central Australia – as this group produce the majority of the art within our gallery.

We have a colleague stationed in Alice Springs who undertakes regular bush trips to ensure that our art gallery always has a large selection of high quality aboriginal art along with discovering new and upcoming artists. In addition we often have artists coming from various parts of Australia to share their dreaming in our in-house studio.  From traditional aboriginal art to the more modern aboriginal art you will find a piece that you love here at Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery.

You can buy with confidence! No matter where in the world you live we will find a way to get your painting to you.  We also currently have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!