Hilary Wirri – An excellent painter in field of very few ( 1st FEB – 20th FEB 2019 )

Hilary Wirri was born at Ragged’s Well which is approx 40 km Papunya Community in Central Australia. During his growing years both he and his brother Kevin spent a great deal of time in the Hermannsburg Community watching and learning from well-known artists which included Keith Namitjira, Edwin Pareroultja and Joshua Ebatarinja.

It was in the 1980’s that he decided that he would start painting himself and over the years has become an established artist in his own right. His style is similar to the most well-known Aboriginal artist, Albert Namitjira.

Hilary is a water colour artist and the subjects of his paintings are the landscapes and important sites around his homelands including, the MacDonnell Ranges, Mount Sonder, and Uluru.

Hilary has participated in several group exhibitions since 2009 around Australia and has friends and   family members in Brisbane who promote his artworks and bring attention to some of his larger painting.

Hilary really is one of handfull of water colour painters, still supporting the Albert Namitjira style and we encourage you to come and visit this special exhibition of Hilary’s work. A must see event.

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