FELICITY ROBERTSON NAMPITJINPA Exhibition (10th – 26th March)

This exhibition will highlight paintings by one of the many talent painters from Yuendumu, Felicity Robertson Nampitjinpa. We were able to entice Felicity to come and paint in the gallery for a two week period in late December. Painting in a comfortable and relaxed environment within our gallery, Felicity produced outstanding pieces which currently takes pride of place in our exhibition room. Her paintings are a representation of stories that have been handed down to her ancestors and more recently her father. (Felicity is the daughter of acclaimed artist Shorty Jangala Robertson.) The focus of these paintings relate to ‘Water Dreaming’ (Ngapa Jukurrpa) and Watiyawarnu Jukurppa (Seed Dreaming) these stories are creation that relate to Felicity’s family’s traditional country, traditions that stretch back centuries.

This exhibition will run throughout March and provides the ideals occasion for lovers of indigenous art to view these fantastic pieces by Felicity.