Betty Mbitjana Exhibition 14 Feb – 29 Feb 2016

eIn this exhibition, you will view the powerful strokes of Betty Mbitjana. She has spent countless hours watching her late mother “Minnie Pwerle” paint her world famous and vibrant dreaming of “Women Ceremonies” and “Bush Melons”.

When Betty paints in a gallery environment you witness an elevated standard of painting. It would be well worth your while to view this standard of painting which is rarely seen.

Betty Mbitjana

Born: 1954

Born in the utopia region, Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of a very well-known artist, Minnie Pwerle (Deceased) and sister of Barbara Weir. She is married to Paddy Club.  Her main Dreaming includes “Alwelye” (Body Painting) & Bush Melon Betty’s paintings depict the designs that the women would paint on their bodies and the dancing tracks which are made in the sand during women’s (Alwelye) ceremony.

These designs can be seen in betty’s work and in the works of other family members. Ochre, charcoal ad ash are all used to paint designs on the women’s upper bodies – their chest, breast and upper arms for “Alwelye”. The designs they use have been passed down for many generations.