Anna Price Petyarre (Also known as Pitjara) Exhibition 2 Mar – 15 Mar 2016

The outstanding features of Anna’s Painting are the amount of preparation time and detail that goes piece that is painted. This is apparent when observing her works giving the observer the scope to view the paintings in contrasting context.

Anna Price Pitajara was born in the mid ninety sixties (approx 1965)at Utopian Northern Territory. She is the daughter of renowned artist the late “Glory Ngale” and is also related “Emily Kngwarreye” and “Kudditji Kngwarreye” through her grandfather. Her painting career began in the early 1980’s. Anna paints several stories which relate to her native land of utopia north-east of Alice Springs.

Two common themes she paints are “Yam Seed – Yam Flower”. The Yam Seed has been a long term staple food source of Anna’s people as the seeds all from the plant they are collected and grounded to make flour for damper.

The second theme is titled “My country” which highlights the landscape within the region of utopia focusing on the topography such as sand hills, rocky outcrops, waterways and the salt lakes.