Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri 970 x 1550mm
Tingari Cycle 970mm x 1550mm
Artist - Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri
Title - Tingari Cycle
Size - 970mm x 1550mm
Code - 3830
Price : $ 3990

About The Artist

Morris was born C 1957 and at the age of six was bought to Papunya from the Kintore Region by welfare officers along with his family – the move was the result that he required treatment at the Papunya hospital as he was suffering from burns. Both Morris’s parents were prominent artists. (Yala Yala Gibbs & Ningura Naparulla) as is his uncle Willy Tjungurrai whom Morris regards as a second father and all three artists  became part of the first generation of painters to hail from Papunya in 1971.


 Upon having healed the family returned to their homelands, however the following year they once again returned to Papunya where they became long term residents.


Morris and his wife and their four children eventually headed back to Kintore where they continue to live today. His late father passed on to Morris custodianship of the dreaming stories which are more commonly known as “The Tingari Cycle Dreaming”



In 1988 immediately after his father’s death Morris began to paint, his inspiration to begin painting came as a result of the graphic and vivid dreams he was experiencing regarding his role towards handling his custodial duties. These dreams inspired Morris to implement within his paintings what he was taught by his father over the years.


 His dynamic technique is symbolic to the early masters or what can be described as the first surge by the Pintupi artists including his father Yala Yala Gibbs that bought Papunya as a force into the art world in 1971

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