Mildred Collins Napaltjarri 430mm x 1030mm
Water Holes 430mm x 1030mm
Artist - Mildred Collins Napaltjarri
Title - Water Holes
Size - 430mm x 1030
Code - 3771
Price : $ 1000

About The Artist

Mildred was born at Yuendumu which sits on the edge of the Tanami Desert approximately 280km North West of Alice Springs in 1984.

Her early years were spent at nearby Mt Allen where she attended primary school and from there completed secondary school at Yirara College in Alice Springs. Her artistic career began by watching her grandmother “Molly Napangardi” and her own mother Janice Connors Nalgal whilst still attending primary school.

Mildred’s reputation as an artist has grown over the past ten years and today is highly regarded for her “Water Holes Dreaming.”

In addition to Water Holes she also paints “Emu Dreaming.”

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