Michelle Possum Nungurrayi 860 x 1090
Grandmothe’s Country 860mm x 1090mm
Artist - Michelle Possum Nungurrayi
Title - Grandmother's Country
Size - 860mm x 1090mm
Code - 2799

About The Artist

Michelle was in  born in 1972 at Mt. Allan in the Northern Territory and is the younger daughter of one of the world’s most renowned aboriginal artists, the late “Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri”  and the younger sister of “Gabriella Possum” also  a recognized  artist.

Learning to paint at an early age under the guidance of Clifford, her paintings have undoubtedly translated from Clifford’s style of by illustrating his brilliant control of a three dimensional expanse. Michelle’s  paintings predominantly depict a series of Dreaming stories passed down to her from her paternal grandmother” Long Rose Nungala” and other senior women.  Dotting is extensively used throughout her work to showcase the topography of the country.

Michelle is developing a solid reputation as collectable artist with representation in galleries throughout Australia.

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