Lorna Ward Napanangka 760mm x 970mm
Marrapinti 760mm x 970mm
Artist - Lorna Ward Napanangka
Title - Marrapinti
Size - 760mm x 970mm
Code - 3816
Price : $ 1250

About The Artist

Lorna Ward Napanangka was born at Papunya in the early 1960s and is the daughter of famous artist, Timmy Payungka Tjapangardi, one of the first generation Papunya Tula artists, and Margaret Nampitjinpa. Lorna began painting when she was living at Kintore in 1996 and she often paints the site of” Marrapinti.” It was in 1999 that Lorna’s standing as an artist began to gain momentum following her participation in the collaborative art “ Kiwirrkurra Women Painting” for the Western Desert Dialysis Appeal.

Lorna demonstrates a range of diversity in her paintings with the capacity to shift readily throughout the construction of her canvases. It is rare for one of Lorna’s paintings to mirror another as she has this ability to constantly shift her technique relating to style, medium and colour in an uncomplicated manner.

Her outstanding metrical work expresses a technique of first rate dotting in white against either a plain black or brown backdrop which has resulted in playing a role of influence on other Pintupi women artists This enormous versatility and collectability is recognised by collectors worldwide. Lorna has been exhibiting her work since 2000 in Australia and oversees… She was a finalist in the 2002 NATSIAA, one of the most prestigious Australian Art  Awards – Highly regarded artist.

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