Kudditji Kngwarreye – A master painter there is only one of him, exhibition 05 Jun – 15 Jun 2016

Kudditji Kngwarreye is one of a kind, often referred to as ‘Mark Rothko’ a masterful painter. Kudditji baffles us with his age but he must be approaching or already in his 90’s. Quite remarkable until just recently this man still painting masterpieces at this age. Unfortunately his health is not well and we don’t expect to ever see him paint again. We at Mandel Art Gallery have been collecting this amazing persons painting for 10 years and have build up a considerable collection. This collection varies greatly both in styles and times of his life. Those who know Kudditji well know that in various points of his life his paintings reflected how he felt. This exhibition tries to emulate his vision in his paintings titled ‘My Country’.

Their will be only one Kudditji his use of color and his interpretation of wonderful desert and various other landscapes are incredibly conveyed by his use of colour and texture on canvas. We encourage you not to miss this exhibition because once you see his incredible works which will leave you thinking of his paintings for long time in the future. We welcome you to our gallery to experience what we believe of him.