Debra McDonald Nangala – Papunya Tula Artist Exhibition (15th – 31st August)

In July the feature exhibition was focused on an emerging artist – Geraldine McDonald who spent three weeks painting in our gallery along with her renowned grandmother Debra McDonald Nangala. Debra is originally from Papunya and comes from a heritage of remarkable artists.

Her late grandfather “Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi” was prominent first generation artist and his talents have obviously been inherited by Debra. Over the period Debra spent in the gallery she produced many outstanding paintings.

The details and quality of these works have to be seen to truly appreciate what she has achieved. The gallery is now in a position to give these stunning peices the wall space they truly deserve to showcase them. Our exhibition of Debra McDonald Paintings will be on display from 15th August to the 31st August.


Debra’s paintings revolve around her homeland sites known as Lungkarta (home of blue tongue lizard) along with women ceremony. Her paintings are usually dominated by a palette of strong earthly tones.