Anna Price Petyarre Exhibition 16 Jun – 29 Jun 2016

Anna Price Petyarre mystifies us with incredible detail in what we believed is her most popular style titled ‘ My Country’, it is perhaps in the last two years that this style has really blossomed. Anna comes from a rich family of indigenous painters mostly very very successful and we believe Anna to be one of most talented of the Utopian painters. This exhibition of Anna price crosses twenty years of painting and you will see the evolution of talent maturing to what she is today. Whenever we show Anna’s paintings, people immediately are drawn to her powerful interpretation of unique dotting style. We have been fortunate to have acquired her paintings recently that we feel should be showed to the art world as they are truly incredible. Mandel Art Gallery strongly advice’s you come and experience the excitement we have for her current ‘My Country’ paintings. You will also see her early works which are rare and beautiful.