Susie Hunter Pitjara

Susan also known as Susie is the younger sibling of prominent artists “Annie Pitjara, Jessie Pitjara and Sandy Pitjara. Born in 1966 Susie belongs to the “Alyawarre” tribe. Currently Susie lives with her husband Clement at “Irrultia” located within the landscape of Utopia in the Eastern Desert. Both Susie & Clement current lifestyle can be described as traditional to their ways  with usually only solitary contact with their own people.

As one of the youngest artists of this location Susan reputation as an artist is going from strength to strength with her  paintings already having been exhibited both here and abroad.

Susie’s  painting reflect her love and affection with the land, this is highlighted by her precise execution within her pallet. Susie paints various dreaming which include “Awelye” (Body Paint” – when women paint their upper bodies to celebrate a particular ceremony- usually the colours utilized are natural ochres, red, white and yellow. Another of Susie’s dreaming refers to “Bush Plum Dreaming” highlighting the bush plum in full bloom and this emphasized as if it is being viewed from an aerial prospective by the viewer.


Bush Plum Dreaming 250mm x 1460mm

Artist : Susie Hunter Pitjara

Title : Bush Plum Dreaming

Size : 250mm x 1460mm

Code : 3378

Price : $1490