Samantha Daniels Napaltjarri

Born  6th June 1984

 Samantha is the daughter of Ruby Daniels Nangala and granddaughter to Linda Syddick Napaltjarri. Samantha’s paintings feature the Spirit Men which has also been  a major focus of works painted by both her mother & grandmother.

The Spirit men were ancestral beings that roamed the landscape during Dreamtime or the Creation Period. These Spirit Beings went on very long journeys (Tingari) , creating much of the landscape in Central  Australia, instructing the people about laws and customs


Untitled 560 X 900 mm

Artist : Samantha Daniels

Title : Untitled

Size : 560 X 900 mm

Code : 541

Price : $ 299

Spirit Men 970mm x 1700mm

Artist : Samantha Daniels Napaltjarri

Title : Spirit Men

Size : 970mm x 1700mm

Code : 519

Price : $2450