Peter Overs

Born in Brisbane in 1976, Peter is a Kamilaroi man and comes from South-West Queensland more specifically known as” Dirranbandi”. During his growing years Peter had constant experiences and exposure to his territory via hunting and fishing trips in addition to education of storytelling from his elders relating to his ancestors traditional ways.

Peter predominantly paints his people’s Emu Dreaming Story which highlights reference to the balance and order of the universe. – The emu eats the quandong fruit and the seeds get stuck in its feet and beak. Whilst roaming the countryside the seeds dislodge from their feet and beak resulting in the regeneration of new quandong fruit.

Peter’s career has expanded over 25 years with having received encouragement from a number of prominent artists along the way (Dorothy Napangardi,Walala Tjapaltjarri and Ronnie Tjampitjinpa) Through their endorsement and support has seen Peter evolve and perfect his own individual technique that he continues to build on today. Currently Peter lives in Alice Springs.

Emu Dreaming 600mm x 600mm

Artist : Peter Overs

Title : Emu Dreaming

Size : 600mm x 600mm

Code : 3333

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