Narabri Nakamarra


Born: – C 1950 Haasts Bluff

Language: – Pintupi  

Region: – Kintore 

 Narrabri is the daughter of 2008 Telstra Award Winner “Mikinti Napanangka & the sister in law of 2006 Telstra Award Winner “Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri.”

Her mother has had a major influence on Narrabri from the time she began painting in 1999 and this is seen by the way Narrabi uses straight lines representing Sand Hills (tali) and by her exploration of themes associated with Lupulnga, the ceremonial site that her mother is custodian of.

 However in recent times Narrabi has developed a style which is more distinctly her own.  Today Narrabi & her artist husband Hillary Tjapaltjarri live in Kintore .                   


Women Ceremony  1000 x 1500mm

Artist : Narabri Nakamarra

Title : Women Ceremony

Size : 1000 x 1500mm

Code : 149

Price : $1850