Nanyuma Napangati

Nanyuma Napangati

Born: – C 1940,

Birth Site: – Jupiter Wells

Area- West of Kiwirrkurra W.A

Language: – Pintupi / Luritja

Nanyuma grew up “in the bush” and walked into Papunya along with members of her family group in 1964.  She is the sister of prominent artists Kanya Tjapangati & Charlie Tjapangati. Being a Pintupi law maker her paintings “Dreaming: reflect the landscape where she grew up utilizing symbols which depict designs mostly affiliated with Women Ceremony”.

Untitled 900 x 1500mm

Artist : Nanyuma Napangati

Title : Untitled

Size : 900 x 1500 mm

Code : 144

Price : Sold