Morris Reid

Born: – Unknown

Location: – Papunya

Morris is the son of well-known Papunya artist Johnny Youngut Jupurulla stepfather. Morris with his wife Theresa Nowee lived in Kiwirkurra for around 7 until the community was flooded in 2001 the family then reallocated Balgo.

Morris predominantly paints the landscape in the southern area of Balgo near Wilkinkarra (Lake McKay).  This area portrayed by Morris in his paintings represents his late father’s country.

 The majority of the painting reveal the travels of a group of Tingari) men as they trekked to Wilkinkarra. (Tingari refers to the ancestors of the Pintupi people who were responsible for the creation of the country)   The central circle is a Warniri” (rock hole) where the men camped during their travels.

Tingari Cycle 950mm x 1270mm

Artist : Morris Reid

Title : Tingari Cycle

Size : 950mm x 1270mm

Code : 3354

Price : $1560