Maureen Hudson Nampinjinpa

Maureen was born in 1959 at Mount Barkley cattle station which today is known as Mount Allan . Maureen attended school at the Yuendumu settlement in the 1960’s and afterwards returning to Mount Allan working as a school teacher’s assistant.

In 1981 Maureen began her painting career and since has become an accomplished artist and respected member of her community. Her first love is painting and the artwork depicts traditional Warlpiri Dreamtime stories.

Her paintings originate from Warlukulongu (her father’s and grandfather’s country.) The main themes of her dreaming include Emu, Fire, Women Ceremonies, Sand Dunes and Water dreaming which have been passed down from her mother’s involvement with traditional ceremonies.

Maureen’s older sister “Jean Hudson Nampinjinpa” is also a highly respected artist in her own right.

Sand Dunes 1060 x 1300

Artist : Maureen Hudson Nampinjinpa

Title : Sand Dunes

Size : 1060 X 1300

Code : 2183

Price : $ 2450

Fire Dreaming 770 x 1000mm

Artist : Fire Dreaming

Title : Fire Dreaming

Size : 770 x 1000 mm

Code : 2184

Price : Sold

Water Dreaming 630 x 800mm

Artist : Maureen Hudson Nampinjinpa

Title : Water Dreaming

Size : 630 X 800mm

Code : 2185

Price : Sold