Maringka Baker

Maringka was born in 1952 at Kaliumpil and currently lives approximately 100kms east of the boarders of Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia in a small remote  community called Kanpi.  Maringka’s parent passed away when she was quite young and the task of raising her fell to Anmanari Brown and other members of her large family.


During her schooling years Maringka appeared restless and moved to several locations, however she did manage to complete her education and receive her certificate in health and worked in the Irrunjtyu community clinic. Currently as mentioned she now works and lives at Kanpi South Australia along with her husband Douglas Baker.


Maringka is a custodian of numerous significant stories/dreaming mainly relating to the landscape where she grew up  as a child (commonly referred to as “Her Mother’s Country”) With  such powerful links to this part of the country Maringka’s paintings are found to be vibrant in colour along with a meaningful cultural understanding and a passion for the land. When most of us refer to the desert as an arid and desolate landscape, however Maringka paints it green, proof that her outlook of observing life goes beyond the obvious.


Minma Kutuara 1140mm x 2040mm

Artist : Maringka Baker

Title : Minma Kutuara

Size : 1140mm x 2030mm

Code : 3418

Price : $9890