Margaret Brown Nangala

Language:- Pintupi

Area :- Kiwirrkurra

Born :- 1968

Margaret is the daughter of well known artist Bombatu Napangardi and her mother’s influence can be easily seen in both her style and the dreaming she paints.

Her paintings depict traditional women’s stories  of women coming together to perform their ceremonies  at designated sites This is achieved by the use of specific line  and dot work to create a three dimensional pattern on canvas. Margaret also paints “Tali” (Sand hills) these are depicted by the striking use of geometric dotted lines that create a maze like effect. The circular forms represent “rock holes” where the woman would gather during their travels. Like her mother.

Margaret’s choice of neutral colours of red, orange, brown, white & black are simple yet striking compositions.

My Country 900 X 1200mm

Artist : Margaret Brown Nangala

Title : My Country

Size : 900 x 1200mm

Code : 129

Price : $ 1200