Mantua James Nangala


BORN: c 1959



Mantua was a young girl when her father Anatjari Tjampitjinpa and her mother Mamuriu Napaltjarri came in from the desert in 1963 with the assistance of the Welfare Patrols of the time.

 At the time Mantua and her family were living on Bush Mangari (damper made from seeds, and were getting scarce water from rock holes.)

 With her family they travelled to Papunya by truck with the assistance of the Welfare Patrol.

Mantua’s sister from her father’s side, is the famous aboriginal artist Yinarupa Nangala.

Mantua trained as a health care worker and in 1984 and was involved with assisting with the relocation of the last group to come out of the Gibson Desert (The Tjapaltjarri family- relations on her mother’s side)

Mantua learnt to paint whilst watching and supporting her father at Kintore in the early 1980s. Her dreaming are associated with the secret Tingari ceremonies at the site of Tjulna, located South-East of Kiwirrkura, and other sites.

This “Tingari Dreaming” is traditionally painted in black and white, however Mantua uses colours that typifies the topography during the changing seasons, including the drought and flood cycles. Mantua paints the circular Tingari Dreaming – Compelling and imposing yet uncomplicated and soothing to the eye.

Tingari Cycle 970mm x 1470mm

Artist : Mantua James Nangala

Title : Tingari Cycles

Size : 970mm x 1470mm

Code : 3355

Price : $4250