Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

Skin name: Mpetyane (also spelled Mbitjana) 
Language group: Anmatyerre
Born: c. 1942 , Utopia District

 Lindsay is a prominent tribal leader of his country, Ilkawerne, within the Utopia District located North East of Alice Springs. Married to Mavis Petyarre, they have three daughters, Rosie, Jessie and Karen Bird Ngale.  


 As a  tribal leader of his country, it is essential he makes provision to select  a replacement to continue to educate the younger generations about the lore’s and stories of their culture. Painting for Lindsay is not only a love, but a sincere passion to continue his legacy of tutoring and motivate the growth and interest of the next generation of the “ Ilkawerne” people When the women of Utopia became involved in the batik movement in the late 1970’s, Lindsay was one of the few men who also worked with this forum.  In 1987 along with many others he began to utilize acrylic paints on canvas.


His paintings are usually bold and uses customary motifs to relay his stories on the canvas. Through the use of aligned circles which portray an account of the story /dreaming. Lindsay main palette consists mainly of four traditional colours – being the two ochres, yellow and red, black and white each representing a particular significance which gives the paintings a more traditional feel whilst other works may include purples and greens which then relays a more contemporary look.

Lindsay is also noted for under painting the canvas, generally in grey or ochre thus making his paintings distinctive and recognizable. Some of Lindsay dreaming include Honey Ant, Bush Berry, Bush Plum, Prickle, Spears and Men’s Body Paint    

Snake Dreaming 600mm x 900mm

Artist : Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

Title : Snake Dreaming

Size : 600mm x 900mm

Code : 3242

Price : $1450

Bush Berry 620mm x 920mm

Artist : Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

Title : Bush Berry

Size : 620mm x 920mm

Code : 3238

Price : $1450