Lilly Campbell Napangardi

DOB: 1970

Lilly comes from a family of artists. Her mother is Maisey Campbell Napaltjarri and her father was the respected Pintupi lawman and renowned artist, Barney Campbell Tjakamarra (deceased 2006). Lilly paints several dreamings which include Women Ceremony, Water Dreaming, Bush Tucker and more recently has focused on  Hail Storm Dreaming.

This is depicted by rows of dots across the canvas which range from large to small and give the impression of hail falling from the sky. As the Central Desert is so dry, hail is a rare occurrence and is considered quite special when it does occur.

Hail Storm dreaming 560 x 700

Artist : Lilly Campbell Napangardi

Title : Hail Storm dreaming

Size : 560 x 700

Code : 118

Price : $ 750

Hail Storm Dreaming 600 x 1500

Artist : Lilly Campbell Napangardi

Title : Hail Storm Dreaming

Size : 600 x 1500

Code : 266

Price : $ 2100

Women Ceremony 540 x 1500mm

Artist : Lilly Campbell Napangardi

Title : Women Ceremony

Size : 540 x 1500mm

Code : 609

Price : $1750