Katie Moss Pitjara Morgan

Katie Morgan is a talented aboriginal artist living in Utopia and has been painting on canvas since the 1980’s, having commenced her artistic career  along with many other women from Utopia by becoming involved in the batik projects  of the 1970s.

Katie paints detailed and diverse dots covering the canvas which depict the Bush Orange or Wild Orange plant along with its flowers and fruits viewed from a bird’s eye view. This delightful natural food source highlights Katie’s inner relationship with her culture and country. The wild orange is peeled from its thick outer skin and eaten raw – it is sweet flavored. In addition it is widely acknowledged that this dreaming plays an important role in ceremonies conducted by the Utopia women.

Wild Orange 750mm x 1000mm

Artist : Katie Morgan

Title : Wild Orange

Size : 750mm x 1000mm

Code : 3034

Price : Sold

Bush Orange 1250mm x 1400mm

Artist : Katie Moss Pitjara Morgan

Title : Bush Orange

Size : 1250mm x 1400mm

Code : 3022

Price : $4800