Katherine Nakamarra

Katherine Marshall Nakamarra

Language Group: Pintupi

Born: Around 1968

Area: Papunya, NT

In 1986 Katherine commenced her painting career under the guidance of family which include a number of renowned artists with both parents being at the forefront, namely Walangkura Napanangka and Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula.

All of these family members have had an influence on Katherine’s career but the biggest influence came from her mother Walangkura. Similarities are evident between Katherine’s style and the bold style of other Papunya Tula artists especially that of her mother.

Distinctive colours and thick dotting are utilised to convey the traditional sacred women sites surrounding the Kintore region.

The concentric circles visible in her paintings relate to important ceremonial sites for both herself and her ancestors with the connecting lines between the circles refer to the ancient travelling trail that leads to these sites.

Womens' Dreaming 900 x 1000mm

Artist : Katherine Nakamarra

Title : Womens' Dreaming

Size : 900 x 1000mm

Code : 133

Price : $ 1,100

Women Ceremony 970 X 1500 mm

Artist : Katherine Nakamarra

Title : Women Ceremony

Size : 970 X 1500 mm

Code : 3177

Price : $ 2500

Women Ceremony 970mm x 980mm

Artist : Katherine Nakamarra

Title : Women Ceremony

Size : 970mm x 980mm

Code : 3152

Price : $1870