Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri

Gleny’s is a very talented artist coming from an extended family of celebrated artists  a principal member being her late mother Ningura Napurrula whom is recognized as one of Australia’s most  acclaimed indigenous female painters.



Glenys was born in 1968 at Kiwirrkurra Western Australia located approximately 700Km West of Alice Springs. Currently Glenys and her husband and two sons along with an extended family continue to live at Kiwirrkurra, however Glenys does also spend some time at Papunya. 



Commencing her painting career in 2006 through observing her mother and other high profile male artists credited as founding members of Papunya Tula Art Centre allowed her to evolve her style from these painters. The result being that her work is now being described from a technique point of view as energetic and powerful. 


The focus of the stories associated with her paintings reflect “Tjukurrpa- Ancestral Times and Woman’s Tingari (Creation Stories)

Women Ceremonial Site 980mm x 1530mm

Artist : Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri

Title : Women Ceremonial Site

Size : 980mm x 1530

Code : 3737

Price : POA