Gabby Dodds

Born in 1968, Gabby’s traditional country is around Coniston Station near Napperby  close to Alice Springs. Painting since the 1980’s Gabby has developed her own unique style and has emerged as one of the exciting new comers to the Aboriginal art scene

Gabby paints her father’s dreaming about the country and her own dreaming  related to water. In central Australia at Coniston Station there are permanent    waterholes at the site where “Water Snake Ancestors” live. These are represented by sets of circles. The custodian of this dreaming performs ceremonies at various times of the year to celebrate Snake Dreaming. The main themes of her paintings relate to water dreaming, grub dreaming, yam dreaming, kangaroo & rainwater dreaming.

Water Dreaming 960 x 1410mm

Artist : Gabby Dodds

Title : Water Dreaming

Size : 960 x 1410

Code : 2207

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