Eubena Nampitjin

Eubena Nampitjin 

Born C 1921 – 2013

Eubena began painting in 1986, alongside her second husband Wimmitiji. Their work offered a luminous quality and a unique style of complex dotting; using a palette of warm reds, oranges and yellow hues and this is still a signature of her artwork today.  

 Wimmitjii stopped painting in 1993, however Eubena continued and is now regarded as one of the leading painters within the Balgo region and one of the most outstanding Aboriginal artists in Australia. She is also noted for her rhythmical tracks across the canvas comprising of thick layers of dotted lines.

 The major Dreaming stories depicted in her work are from the Tingari (ancestral women) cycle and the Wati Kutjarra (two men dreaming). Other themes in her paintings include: Tjumu (soak water); Walamalu Taltu (twin soakages on the Canning Stock route); Tjukarra (rock holes); Malu (kangaroo dreaming); bush tomato; goanna, mouse, moon and dingo dreaming

Walamalu Taltu 620 x 1270

Artist : Eubena Nampitjiu

Title : Walamalu Taltu

Size : 620 x 1270

Code : 313

Price : $ 9800

Walamalu Taltu 1000mm x 1600mm

Artist : Eubena Nampitjin

Title : Walamalu Taltu

Size : 1000mm x 1600mm

Code : 612

Price : $12900

WalamaluTaltu 640mm x 1200mm

Artist : Eubena Nampitjin

Title : WalamaluTaltu

Size : 640mm x 1200mm

Code : 314

Price : $9950